1. #1 Caddie
  2. A bad day at golf beats a good day at the office
  3. A bad day at golf beats a good day in class
  4. A cup is not to drink from
  5. A golfer is always in the swing
  6. A hole in one is a whole lot of fun
  7. Always keep your balls clean and your woods covered
  8. And we should consider every day lost on which we have not golfed at least once
  9. Ask me why I golf – ask me why I breathe
  10. Best golfer
  11. Blessed is the golfer whose mate golfs
  12. Born to golf
  13. Born to golf, doomed to work
  14. Born to golf, forced to work
  15. Carpe Swingem
  16. Closet golfer
  17. Dare to golf
  18. Don’t be a putz
  19. Don’t get tee’d off
  20. Eat, sleep, golf
  21. Find your inner golf
  22. Fore play!
  23. Fore score
  24. Fore!
  25. Get a grip
  26. Get a grip on it
  27. Get up and golf
  28. Going green!
  29. Golf – my anti drug
  30. Golf – my drug of choice
  31. Golf – not just another game
  32. Golf – the most fun you can have with your pants on
  33. Golf and you’ll feel better
  34. Golf as if everyone is watching
  35. Golf as if no one is watching
  36. Golf diva!
  37. Golf fanatic
  38. Golf fever
  39. Golf floozy
  40. Golf forever, work whenever
  41. Golf girl!
  42. Golf golf golf
  43. Golf gypsy
  44. Golf happens
  45. Golfers have more drive
  46. Golf husband
  47. Golf is a 4 letter word
  48. Golf is a day spent in strenuous idleness – William Wordsworth
  49. Golf is a form of foreplay
  50. Golf is a hole lotta fun
  51. Golf is foreplay
  52. Golf is like taxes – you drive hard to get to the green and wind up in the hole
  53. Golf is my thing
  54. Golf is romance
  55. Golf junkie
  56. Golf now, sleep later
  57. Golf or die
  58. Golf well if you can – otherwise, just golf
  59. Golf widow
  60. Golf widower
  61. Golf wife
  62. Golf with me
  63. Golf-a-holic
  64. Golfers do it on the green
  65. Golfers have a ball
  66. Golfers have a swinging time
  67. Golfers have more drive
  68. Golfers make better lovers
  69. Golfers swing!
  70. Golfgasm!
  71. Golfing fool
  72. Golfing grandma
  73. Golfing grandpa
  74. Golfing husband
  75. Golfing impaired
  76. Golfing is as close to heaven as one can get while still alive
  77. Golfing is awesome
  78. Golfing is better than chocolate
  79. Golfing is close to my heart
  80. Golfing is delightful
  81. Golfing is for everyone
  82. Golfing is for lovers
  83. Golfing is good for your health
  84. Golfing is life – all the rest is detail
  85. Golfing is like life. The lessons of one are the lessons of the other
  86. Golfing is my favorite sport
  87. Golfing is my life
  88. Golfing is not a contact sport
  89. Golfing is not a matter of life or death – it’s more important than that!
  90. Golfing is not hazardous to your health
  91. Golfing is sweet
  92. Golfing is the most fun you can have in a vertical position
  93. Golfing is the most fun you can have with your clothes on
  94. Golfing is therapy
  95. Golfing makes my day
  96. Golfing Mom
  97. Golfing princess!
  98. Golfing wife
  99. Golfs well with others
  100. Got golf?
  101. Gotta golf
  102. Grandma’s little golfer
  103. Grandpa’s little golfer
  104. Happiness is golfing
  105. Have golf bag will travel
  106. Here today, golf tomorrow
  107. He’s just my golf partner
  108. Holey Moley!
  109. Hook and Slice Club
  110. Housework is for women who don’t know how to golf
  111. How ‘bout a foresome?
  112. How’s my golfing? Call 1-800 swinging
  113. I swing!
  114. I ? golf
  115. I always follow through
  116. I am, therefore I golf
  117. I’d rather be golfing
  118. I don’t mind iron-ing
  119. I drive in the right direction
  120. I golf with all my heart
  121. I golf with all my soul
  122. I golf!
  123. I golf, therefore I am
  124. I hate golf – if I weren’t married, I’d quit
  125. I hate golf – oh, nice shot – I love golf!
  126. I have a problem, my work is starting to interfere with my golfing
  127. I have two left feet
  128. I hope you golf
  129. I love to golf
  130. I need to golf
  131. I never met a golfer I didn’t like
  132. I only golf on days that end in Y
  133. I swing
  134. I’d rather be golfing
  135. I’ll golf for chocolate
  136. I’ll golf for food
  137. I’ll golf for sex
  138. I’m golfing thru life
  139. I’m tee’d off
  140. I’m tee-sing you!
  141. I’ve got balls!
  142. I’ve spent most of my life playing golf, the rest of it, I’ve wasted
  143. If golfing was easy, everyone would do it
  144. If I could offer you only one tip for improving your life – golfing would be it
  145. If you have to ask me why I golf, you’ll never understand
  146. If you’re not golfing, you’re wasting your feet
  147. In the beginning was the golf
  148. In the hole is a good thing!
  149. Insanity doesn’t run in our family, it golfs
  150. Ironclad
  151. Irons are not for pressing
  152. It’s just golf, but what more could you ask?
  153. It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s whether I win or lose.
  154. Keep on golfing
  155. Keep on golfing – even if it’s only in your mind
  156. Keep your head down
  157. King of the golf gypsies
  158. Kiss me, I’m a golfer
  159. Let’s golf – the financial crisis can wait
  160. Life is a game, but golfing is serious
  161. Life is golf
  162. Life is golfing, now go and learn it
  163. Life is good – I’m golfing!
  164. Life is short, golf hard
  165. Life is short, golf often
  166. Life is simple, eat, sleep, golf
  167. Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we might as well golf
  168. Life’s too short not to golf
  169. Like good wine, golfers improve with age
  170. May the ball lie in green pastures, and not in still waters
  171. Meet me at the 19th hole
  172. Member – LBGA – Laid Back Golfers Assn
  173. Missing – Golfer husband and dog – reward for dog!
  174. My doctor recommends a daily dose of greens
  175. My dog loves me no matter what my golf score is
  176. My family golfs
  177. My inner child wants to golf
  178. My wife warned me – her or golf – I’ll miss her
  179. No romance – just wanna golf
  180. Nothing hurts when you golf
  181. Of course I golf!
  182. Old golfers never die, they just lose their balls
  183. One more round for the road
  184. Pity the person who is not a golfer
  185. Put a smile on your face – golf!
  186. Putts is good, putz is bad
  187. Putts is not a putz
  188. Putt it where the sun don’t shine
  189. Queen of the golf gypsies
  190. Real men golf
  191. Real women golf
  192. Reality is for those who don’t golf
  193. Reckless driver
  194. Score!
  195. See me smile – I’m golfing!
  196. Seven days without golfing makes one weak
  197. Sex is fun, but golfing is better
  198. Sex is fun, but golfing lasts longer
  199. Sex is the most fun you can have without golfing
  200. She just wants to golf
  201. She’s just my golf partner
  202. Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a golfer playing with his boss
  203. Shut up and golf
  204. Shut up and let me golf
  205. Slicing is only for meat
  206. So many courses, so little time
  207. Soft white sands, calm clear water
  208. Start out on the right foot
  209. Swing!!!
  210. Swingin’ Grandma
  211. Swingin’ Grandpa
  212. Talk to the feet
  213. Teetotaler
  214. The ball is my friend
  215. The couple that golfs together stays together
  216. The life of a golf addict is hell, but somebody’s gotta do it
  217. The voice inside my head tells me to golf
  218. There are short-cuts to happiness, and golfing is one of them
  219. There is a bit of insanity in golfing that does everybody a great deal of good
  220. Time spent golfing is added to one’s life span
  221. Time spent golfing is not deducted from one’s life span
  222. To golf is to live, to live is to golf
  223. To golf or not to golf, what a stupid question!
  224. To live is to golf, to golf is to live
  225. We’re fools whether we golf or not, so we might as well golf
  226. Weapon of Grass Destruction
  227. What happens on the golf course stays on the golf course
  228. When I go out I want to go golfing
  229. Why ask why – just golf
  230. Why do I golf? Why do I breathe?
  231. Without golf, life would be a mistake
  232. Woodn’t you like to play golf?
  233. Work is for people who don’t golf
  234. Work is the curse of the golfing class
  235. Work is what you do between golf tournaments
  236. Work is what you do to pay for golfing
  237. Work is what you do when you aren’t golfing
  238. Work is just a hobby, this is my real job
  239. World’s best golfing dad
  240. World’s best golfing mom
  241. Yes we can – golf! (Obama symbol)
  242. You can live without golfing, but not as well
  243. You don’t stop golfing when you get old, you get old when you stop golfing
  244. You’ve just got to follow through
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