1. Czech it out
  2. Dance with us for a shocking good time
  3. Dancing gets my Irish up
  4. Drmes are dreamy
  5. Folk dance for fun and fitness
  6. Folk dance frenzy
  7. Folk dance means the world to me
  8. Folk dancers are fenominal
  9. Folk dancers are first in line
  10. Folk dancers are never out of line
  11. Folk dancers can’t be de-feeted
  12. Folk dancers dare to be different
  13. Folk dancers do it feet first
  14. Folk dancers do it in circles
  15. Folk dancers do it in lines
  16. Folk dancers do it on the floor
  17. Folk dancers do it to music
  18. Folk dancers do it with their feet
  19. Folk dancers get a lift out of life
  20. Folk dancers go around in the best circles
  21. Folk dancers have a good line
  22. Folk dancers have circles of friends
  23. Folk dancers have the most fun
  24. Folk dancers hold hands
  25. Folk dancers hold hands with the nicest people
  26. Folk dancers love a good line
  27. Folk dancers make better lovers
  28. Folk dancers rock and reel
  29. Folk dancers smile with their feet
  30. Folk dancers step together
  31. Folk dancers take the lead
  32. Folk dancing is a feet
  33. Folk dancing is a turn for the better
  34. Folk dancing is crummy
  35. Folk dancing is good for the soles
  36. Folk dancing makes my day
  37. Folk You!
  38. Friends, Family, Folkdance
  39. Get your papers here
  40. Go Greek
  41. Great Scot
  42. Greek is great
  43. Hambo to heaven
  44. Happiness is folk dancing
  45. Have you had your croatmeal today?
  46. Help stamp out Romanian
  47. Hop step step
  48. Hopa!!
  49. Hora aura
  50. Hora begorrah
  51. Horror de la gorge
  52. House of horas
  53. I didn’t choose folk dance – it chose me
  54. I was Zorba in another life
  55. I’m a basquet case
  56. I’m a Cro-Daddy
  57. I’m a folk dance instructor – what’s your super power?
  58. I’m basque’ing in the sun
  59. I’m hungry for Hungarian
  60. I’m leaning toward Armenian
  61. If folk dancing was easy, everyone would do it
  62. In my next life I’m coming back as Zorba
  63. In my village we do it this way
  64. International dance leads to international friends
  65. I-rish I could dance forever
  66. Kudos for kolos
  67. Let’s multiply like folk dances do
  68. Life is folk dancing, now go and learn it
  69. Little house of horas
  70. Macedonian is marvelous
  71. Make mine Miserlou
  72. Mixed pickles
  73. My village, my way
  74. My wild Irish toes
  75. Of course I’m awesome – I’m a folkdancer!
  76. Opa!
  77. Real men folk dance
  78. Rocky hora picture show
  79. Rors pols make my pulse roar
  80. Roumaniac
  81. Scan is grand
  82. Scandinavian is scandalous
  83. Scottish is hottish
  84. Serbs are superb
  85. Slow quick quick
  86. Standing room only for folk dancers
  87. Try Bulgarian – you’re in for a shock
  88. Turkish Delight
  89. Turkish turns me on
  90. Turks are terrific
  91. What the Folk?
  92. Who is that basque man?
  93. Yasou!
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