1. A bad day at dancing beats a good day at the office
  2. A bad day at dancing beats a good day in class
  3. A dancer’s work, like a garden, is never completed but always growing
  4. A day without dancing is like….Monday
  5. A little frivolity is essential to enlightenment
  6. A step in time saves nine
  7. All the ills of mankind, all the tragic misfortunes that fill the history books, all the political blunders, all the failures of the great leaders have arisen merely from a lack of skill in dancing – Moliere
  8. Always give weight
  9. Am I dreaming or dancing, dancing or dreaming, does it matter?
  10. And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music-FN
  11. And we should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once – Friedrich Nietzsche
  12. Another day another dance
  13. As long as man is responsive to the forces of life and the universe, there will be dance-Nietzsche
  14. As the dance is born with man, it will exist as long as man exists
  15. Ask me to dance
  16. Ask me to dance – PLEASE!
  17. Ask me why I dance – ask me why I breathe
  18. Been there, danced that
  19. Best dancer
  20. Better dancing thru chemistry
  21. Blessed is the dancer whose mate dances
  22. Born to dance
  23. Born to dance, doomed to work
  24. Born to dance, forced to work
  25. C’mon and dance with me
  26. Can’t dance – gotta wash my hair
  27. Carpe Choro! (seize the dance)
  28. Carpe Noctem (seize the night)
  29. Carpe Swingem (seize the swing)
  30. Cast off doesn’t mean old clothes
  31. Chicken dance
  32. Chocolate is good but dancing is better
  33. Closet dancer
  34. Come dance with me
  35. Completely satisfied
  36. Dance
  37. Dance genius
  38. Dance – is there anything else?
  39. Dance – it is what it is
  40. Dance – it’s cheaper than therapy
  41. Dance – my anti-drug
  42. Dance – my drug of choice
  43. Dance now, dream later
  44. Dance – the rhythm of life
  45. Dance – what else is there?
  46. Dance addict
  47. Dance and you’ll feel better – James Brown
  48. Dance as if everyone is watching
  49. Dance as if no one is watching
  50. Dance as if nobody’s laughing!
  51. Dance camp junkie
  52. Dance chick
  53. Dance dance dance
  54. Dance fast and old age won’t catch up with you
  55. Dance fever
  56. Dance first – think later
  57. Dance first – think later – it’s the natural order
  58. Dance floozy
  59. Dance for life
  60. Dance forever, work whenever
  61. Dance genius
  62. Dance gypsy
  63. Dance happens
  64. Dance husband
  65. Dance is a conversation between body and soul
  66. Dance is a moment and then it is finished
  67. Dance is a physical and mental workout. Once you get your body moving, you’ll see a difference. Kathryn McCormick
  68. Dance is music made visible – Balanchine
  69. Dance is my life – deal with it!
  70. Dance is romance
  71. Dance is romance (if I’m lucky)
  72. Dance is romance (if you’re lucky)
  73. Dance is the only art where we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made.
  74. Dance is to express not to impress
  75. Dance isn’t a form, it’s a way of life
  76. Dance junkie
  77. Dance like it matters
  78. Dance like no one’s going to put it on you tube.
  79. Dance like no one is watching. Because they’re not. They’re checking their phones.
  80. Dance like you mean it
  81. Dance me to the end of love
  82. Dance me to the end of the world
  83. Dance moves my spirit, music stirs my soul
  84. Dance my heart! Dance today with joy
  85. Dance now, dream later
  86. Dance now, heal later
  87. Dance now, sleep later
  88. Dance or die
  89. Dance rules!
  90. Dance the night away
  91. Dance to a different beat
  92. Dance to the rhythm in your heart
  93. Dance to the song of love
  94. Dance washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life
  95. Dance well if you can – otherwise, just dance
  96. Dance while you can
  97. Dance wife
  98. Dance with me
  99. Dance with your ♥ and your (feet)
  100. Dance your heart out
  101. Dance your shoes off
  102. Dance-a-holic
  103. Dancegasm!
  104. Dancers are the athletes of God
  105. Dancers can’t be de-feeted
  106. Dancers do it all the time
  107. Dancers do it better
  108. Dancers do it feet first
  109. Dancers do it in rhythm
  110. Dancers do it in time
  111. Dancers do it on the floor
  112. Dancers do it standing
  113. Dancers do it with their feet
  114. Dancers have a good time
  115. Dancers keep time while others waste it
  116. Dancers make better lovers
  117. Dancers use the rhythm method
  118. Dances and dreams are one and the same
  119. Dances well with others
  120. Dancing – it’s a hot tub for the spirit
  121. Dancing – the most fun you can have in a vertical position
  122. Dancing – the music of the soul
  123. Dancing brightens my day
  124. Dancing cheek to cheek is really a form of floor play
  125. Dancing diva
  126. Dancing fool
  127. Dancing gives you wings
  128. Dancing grandma
  129. Dancing grandpa
  130. Dancing husband
  131. Dancing impaired
  132. Dancing in the moonlight
  133. Dancing is a big hug
  134. Dancing is a contact sport
  135. Dancing is a good thing
  136. Dancing is a moment, then it is finished
  137. Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire
  138. Dancing is a turn for the better
  139. Dancing is appealing (two bananas dancing)
  140. Dancing is as close to heaven as one can get while still alive
  141. Dancing is as old as love. Lucian
  142. Dancing is awesome
  143. Dancing is better than chocolate
  144. Dancing is better than shopping
  145. Dancing is cheap therapy
  146. Dancing is close to my heart
  147. Dancing is delightful
  148. Dancing is for everyone
  149. Dancing is for lovers
  150. Dancing is funtastic
  151. Dancing is good for the soles
  152. Dancing is good for your health
  153. Dancing is happiness
  154. Dancing is inexpensive therapy
  155. Dancing is life – all the rest is detail
  156. Dancing is like dreaming with your feet
  157. Dancing is like life. The lessons of one are the lessons of the other
  158. Dancing is like multiple orgasms for your feet
  159. Dancing is my favorite sport
  160. Dancing is my life
  161. Dancing is my world
  162. Dancing is not a matter of life or death – it’s more important than that!
  163. Dancing is not hazardous to your health
  164. Dancing is poetry with arms and legs. (Charles Baudelaire)
  165. Dancing is purrfect (picture of dancing cat)
  166. Dancing is silent poetry
  167. Dancing is sweet
  168. Dancing is the most fun you can have with your clothes on
  169. Dancing is the only pure art form –  Snoopy
  170. Dancing is the poetry of the foot – John Dryden
  171. Dancing is therapy
  172. Dancing keeps you on your toes
  173. Dancing lights up my life
  174. Dancing makes me smile
  175. Dancing makes my day
  176. Dancing makes you smarter
  177. Dancing on the ceiling
  178. Dancing prevents Alzheimer’s
  179. Dancing prince
  180. Dancing princess
  181. Dancing queen
  182. Dancing wife
  183. Dancing with the czars
  184. Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another
  185. Dare to dance
  186. Do you swing?
  187. Don’t be a square – dance!
  188. Don’t be so focused on the steps that you forget to dance
  189. Don’t look at your feet to see if you’re doing it right, just dance
  190. Don’t miss a beat
  191. Don’t think – dance!
  192. Don’t walk – dance!
  193. Eat, sleep, dance
  194. Eat, sleep, dance, nothing else matters
  195. Eat, sleep, dance, repeat
  196. Even if you’re not dancing right now, you’re still a dancer
  197. Every person’s body is infused with the spirit of dance. It simply lives in each of us, waiting for us to exercise its powers of freedom and joy
  198. Everything in the universe has rhythm, everything dances
  199. Excited to be invited
  200. Feel free to flirt
  201. Feel your internal rhythm
  202. Feet don’t fail me now
  203. Find your inner dance
  204. Fine dancing, I believe, like virtue, must be its own reward
  205. Five, six seven, eight…
  206. Fix the world dance by dance
  207. Fly with the angels, dance with the stars
  208. Foot loose and fancy free
  209. Forget your troubles and dance
  210. Friends come and go, but dancing is always there
  211. Friggin’ ask me to dance!
  212. Get up and dance
  213. Give peace a dance
  214. Go figure
  215. God loves you when you dance
  216. God -match me with a good dancer
  217. God matched me with a good dancer
  218. Good taste runs in circles
  219. Good things come to those who dance
  220. Got cartilage?
  221. Got dance?
  222. Got knees?
  223. Gotta dance
  224. Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion
  225. Happiness is dancing
  226. Happiness is being a dancer
  227. Happy feet
  228. Happy feet are dancing feet
  229. Hard times require hard dancing
  230. Have dance will travel
  231. He’s just my dance partner
  232. Healing, please be gentle
  233. Hear the beat
  234. Hello my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to dance!
  235. Hey!!!
  236. High stepper
  237. Hip hip hooray for dance
  238. How does it start?
  239. How’s my dancing? Call 1-800 boogie
  240. Hum a few bars
  241. I ♥ dancing
  242. I ♥ to twirl
  243. I ain’t lyin’ I love to dance (picture of lion dancing)
  244. I am a dancer
  245. I am, therefore I dance
  246. I could have danced all night
  247. I dance. I don’t really do anything else
  248. I danceI
  249. I dance because it makes me happy
  250. I dance both roles
  251. I dance for an audience of one
  252. I dance for beer
  253. I dance for fun
  254. I dance with all my heart
  255. I dance with all my soul
  256. I dance, therefore I am
  257. I danced all night
  258. I didn’t goof – I’m improvising
  259. I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself. Mikhail Baryshnikov
  260. I don’t dance to music, music dances me
  261. I don’t just dance, I am dance!
  262. I feel that the essence of dance is the expression of man – the landscape of his soul
  263. I get up, I walk, I fall down. Meanwhile I keep dancing
  264. I go bananas for dancing (2 bananas dancing)
  265. I have a foot fetish
  266. I have a problem, my work is starting to interfere with my dancing
  267. I have dance in my pants
  268. I have two feet left
  269. I have two left feet
  270. I hope you dance
  271. I just washed my feet and can’t do a thing with them
  272. I love dancing and my dance partner
  273. I love to dance
  274. I may be sitting, but I’m still dancing
  275. I need someone really bad. Are you really bad?
  276. I need to dance
  277. I never let the steps interfere with my dancing
  278. I never met a dancer I didn’t like
  279. I only dance on days that end in Y
  280. I smile because I dance
  281. I smile when I dance
  282. I swing
  283. I swing both ways
  284. I think I can dance
  285. It’s just a dance
  286. I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance- Friedrich Nietzsche
  287. I’d rather be dancing
  288. I’ll dance for chocolate
  289. I’ll dance for chocolate ice cream
  290. I’ll dance for cookies
  291. I’ll dance for food
  292. I’ll dance for ice cream
  293. I’ll dance for sex
  294. I’ll dance for you
  295. I’ll die happy if I die dancing
  296. I’ll follow anything once
  297. I’m available
  298. I’m dancing in my mind
  299. I’m dancing inside my head
  300. I’m dancing thru life
  301. I’m dancing with my mouth
  302. I’m gonna dance ‘til I die
  303. I’m really not into you – I just love to dance
  304. I’m shy
  305. I’m too young to be this old
  306. I’ve got happy feet
  307. idance
  308. If dancing were any easier, it would be called basketball
  309. If dancing were any easier, it would be called football
  310. If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be in the revolution – Emma Goldman
  311. If I could have just one dance with you, I would pick a song that never ends
  312. If I could offer you only one tip for improving your life – dancing would be it
  313. If I get too serious about having fun, tell me
  314. If I practiced, I could be really good
  315. If life is a dance, then friends are the music
  316. If people stand around in a circle long enough, they will eventually begin to dance
  317. If this is the last dance, let’s do it backward
  318. If you can read this, you’re dancing too close
  319. If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk, you can dance
  320. If you can’t get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you best teach it to dance B. Shaw
  321. If you have to ask me why I dance, you’ll never understand
  322. If you hear music, dance
  323. If you stumble, make it a part of the dance
  324. If you’re dating a dancer, raise your hand. If not, raise your standards.
  325. If you’re not dancing, you’re wasting your feet
  326. In the beginning was the dance
  327. Insanity doesn’t run in our family, it dances
  328. It is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world and at peace with myself. — Nelson Mandela
  329. It takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer
  330. It’s a marvelous night for a moon dance
  331. It’s all about dancing
  332. It’s better to wear out than rust out
  333. It’s just a dance
  334. It’s just a dance, but what more could you ask?
  335. It’s OK, I’m a dancer
  336. It’s time to dance
  337. Jump in feet first
  338. Just because you can’t dance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dance
  339. Just dance
  340. Just keep movin’
  341. Keep on dancin’
  342. Keep on dancing – even if it’s only in your mind
  343. Keep on dancing even if you’re alone on the floor!!!
  344. King of the gypsies
  345. Knees don’t buckle now
  346. Knows left from right
  347. Knows left from right with “no” sign
  348. Lead, follow or get off the dance floor
  349. Lead, follow or get the hell off the dance floor
  350. Let life be a dance
  351. Let my people dance
  352. Let the dance be with you
  353. Let the spin begin
  354. Let us dance in the sun wearing wild flowers in our hair
  355. Let’s create a new dance together
  356. Let’s dance!
  357. Let’s dance – the financial crisis can wait
  358. Let’s limit it to floor play
  359. Let me lead
  360. Let’s side together
  361. Life is a dance
  362. Life is a dance, you just have to know the steps
  363. Life is a game, but dancing is serious
  364. Life is dancing, now go and learn it
  365. Life is good – I’m dancing!
  366. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain
  367. Life is not the party we hoped for but while we’re here, we may as well dance
  368. Life is short and there will always be dirty dishes, so let’s dance
  369. Life is short, dance hard
  370. Life is short, dance often
  371. Life is simple – eat, sleep, dance
  372. Life is too short to dance with other women
  373. Life is too short to dance with ugly men
  374. Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here, we might as well dance
  375. Life’s a dance – sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow
  376. Life’s too short not to dance
  377. Like good wine, dancers improve with age
  378. Listen to your inner music
  379. Live to dance
  380. Live, love, dance
  381. Love to dance
  382. Luv to dance
  383. Make room – I gotta dance!
  384. May the symphony God plays in your heart cause you to dance with joy
  385. May you whirl to ecstasy
  386. Me + dance = ☺
  387. Men lead because they can’t follow
  388. Motion is lotion for your heart and other body parts
  389. Move over and let me dance
  390. My family dances
  391. My inner child wants to dance
  392. My wife is a good dancer
  393. Never give a sword to a man who can’t dance – Confucius
  394. Never miss a chance to dance
  395. Next Dance
  396. Nice men marry dancers, real men become dancers
  397. Ninety-nine % dancer, 1% everything else
  398. No parking on the dance floor
  399. No romance – just wanna dance
  400. Nothing hurts when you dance
  401. On with the dance! Let joy be unconfined.  Lord Byron
  402. Once a dancer, always a dancer…..even if only in your memories.
  403. One more dance for the road
  404. Out of the closet dancer
  405. Partner power
  406. Peace, Love, Dance
  407. Pick me!
  408. Pity the person who is not a dancer. Sandra Hammond
  409. Please be gentle
  410. Please don’t twirl me
  411. Polka Power
  412. Queen of the gypsies
  413. Put a smile on your face – dance with your feet
  414. Put a smile on your face – dance!
  415. Real men can waltz
  416. Real men dance
  417. Real men marry dancers
  418. Reality is for those who don’t dance
  419. Remember to dance
  420. Save the last dance for me
  421. Say yes, whatever it is, say yes with your whole heart – simple as it sounds, that’s all the excuse life needs to grab you by the hands and start to dance.
  422. See me smile – I’m dancing!
  423. Seven days without dancing makes one weak
  424. Sex is fun and you don’t need special shoes
  425. Sex is fun, but dancing is better
  426. Sex is fun, but dancing lasts longer
  427. Sex is the most fun you can have without dancing
  428. Shall we dance?
  429. She just wants to dance
  430. She’s just my dance partner
  431. Shut up and dance
  432. Shut up and let me dance
  433. Shut up and let me teach
  434. Sleep, eat, dance, repeat
  435. Smile if you love dancing
  436. So many dances, so little time
  437. So many toes, so little time
  438. So you know where to find me…
  439. So you think you can dance?
  440. Some of my best friends are dancers
  441. Standing room only for dancers
  442. Start out on the right foot
  443. Step along
  444. Step in time
  445. Step right this way
  446. Step right up
  447. Steppin’ out with my baby
  448. Take my hand, I’m a dancer
  449. That’s ok, I forgot your name too
  450. The best dancer ever
  451. The couple that dances together stays together
  452. The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word (Mata Hari)
  453. The dance is one of many human experiences which cannot be suppressed.
  454. The devil makes me dance (picture of devil)
  455. The life of a dance addict is hell, but somebody’s gotta do it
  456. The music will tell you
  457. The only wrong move is not to…
  458. The other left
  459. The skeleton in my closet dances
  460. The steps are all the same, only the music changes
  461. The voice inside my head tells me to dance!
  462. The world of dance is a charmed place. Some people like to inhabit it, others to behold it, either way it is rewarding.  Margo Fonteyn
  463. The world’s at our feet
  464. There are short-cuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them
  465. There are those who dance to the rhythm that is played to them, those who only dance to their own rhythm, and those who don’t dance at all. Jose Bergamin
  466. There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good
  467. There shall be only one instructor at a time
  468. There’s always time for another dance
  469. Think out of line
  470. This ain’t no cheerleading squad – it’s dance!
  471. This dance made possible by Aleve
  472. This dance made possible by Ibuprofen
  473. This girl can dance
  474. This is way better than Disney
  475. Time spent dancing is added to one’s life span
  476. Time spent dancing is not deducted from one’s life span
  477. To dance is to live, to live is to dance
  478. To dance or not to dance, what a stupid question!
  479. To live is to dance, to dance is to live
  480. To live is to waltz, to waltz is to live
  481. To watch us dance is to hear our hearts sing
  482. Too tired to lead, not too tired to follow
  483. Too tired to lead, not tired enough to follow
  484. Trust me – you can dance
  485. Try the other left foot
  486. Turning dances turn me on
  487. Twirl free zone
  488. Two-step
  489. Ugh! Me man, me lead (caveman)
  490. Waltzes are wonderful
  491. Waltzing is like breathing
  492. Was that dance as good for you as it was for me?
  493. Watch your step
  494. We can all dance
  495. We can do anything to music
  496. We dance circles around each other
  497. We dance to a different caller
  498. We dance to different drummers
  499. We love our lines
  500. We’re all fools anyway, so we might as well dance
  501. We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance
  502. What happens at dance camp stays at dance camp
  503. What happens on the dance floor stays on the dance floor
  504. What if the hokey pokey really is what it’s all about?
  505. What’s the first step?
  506. Whatever happens, you meant it that way
  507. When I dance I feel free! When I feel free I dance!
  508. When I go out I want to go dancing
  509. When I twirl, I hurl
  510. When in doubt, dance
  511. When the option is to sit it out or dance – dance
  512. When you go dancing, no matter what mood you are in, you always leave in high spirits.
  513. When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way. Wayne Dyer
  514. Whenever there is sadness, you must dance away your tears
  515. Whenever you fall in love, you must dance together and find how dancing and contentment are the same. Nancy Wood
  516. When on thin ice, might as well dance (penguins)
  517. Where you lead I will follow
  518. While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole – that is why I dance  Hans Bos
  519. Why ask why – just dance
  520. Why do I dance? Why do I breathe?
  521. Why walk when you can dance
  522. Will work for food, money, or dance
  523. Will you dance with me?
  524. Will you swing with me?
  525. Without a button I can’t remember my own name
  526. Without dancing life would be a mistake
  527. Work is for people who don’t dance
  528. Work is the curse of the dancing class
  529. Work is what you do between dance camps
  530. Work is what you do to pay for dance camps
  531. Work is what you do to pay for dancing
  532. Work is what you do when you aren’t dancing
  533. Would you dance if I asked you to dance?
  534. Wounded, please be gentle
  535. Yeah, I dance to elevator music…got a problem with that?
  536. Yes, I dance in my car, yes I see you staring at me, No, I don’t care
  537. Yes, I’m shy, but ask me anyway
  538. You again?
  539. You can dance anywhere, even if it’s only in your heart
  540. You can dance!
  541. You can live without dancing, but not as well
  542. You don’t stop dancing when you get old, you get old when you stop dancing
  543. You live as long as you dance (Rudolph Nureyev)
  544. You make me feel like dancin’
  545. Your feet can learn the steps, but only your spirit can dance


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