1. Are you staring because I’m cute? (bald head)
  2. Ask me why I care
  3. Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an
  4. Bald chicks rock!
  5. Bald is beautiful
  6. Bald is part of my cure
  7. Breasts are highly overrated!
  8. Busy kickin’ cancer’s butt!
  9. Cancer builds character
  10. Cancer can be beaten, and I plan to kick the crap out of it
  11. Cancer can kick my ass
  12. Cancer can’t conquer my spirit
  13. Cancer couldn’t stop me even when it tried
  14. Cancer isn’t contagious – but laughter is
  15. Cancer patient (xx out) survivor
  16. Cancer picked the wrong diva
  17. Cancer sucks
  18. Cancer, you picked the wrong bitch!
  19. Caution – under construction
  20. CCKMA (cancer can’t kick my ass)
  21. Chemo ate my eyebrows
  22. Chemo babe – fighting cancer
  23. Chemo sucks
  24. Chemo-sabe
  25. Colon cancer is a real pain in the butt
  26. Control, Accept, Never Give up, Confidence, Evolve, Renew
  27. Damn the tumors – full speed ahead
  28. Does this shirt make my head look bald?
  29. Don’t screw with me, I’m fighting cancer
  30. Even cancer can’t keep me down!
  31. F*ck Cancer
  32. Fight like a girl
  33. Fighting cancer and staying strong – I’m a Super Kid!
  34. Fighting cancer and still dancing
  35. Fighting cancer and still fabulous
  36. Fragile – handle with care
  37. Go ahead – poke my port!
  38. Got a cure?
  39. Got hope?
  40. Got stem cells?
  41. Hug me – I’m not contagious – it’s just cancer
  42. I (heart) my oncologist
  43. I am a warrior!
  44. I am not lazy, I am on chemo – what’s your excuse?
  45. I beat it – you can too!
  46. I Can Cer Vive
  47. I don’t miss my boobs – I’m here aren’t I?
  48. I have chemo-brain – what’s your excuse?
  49. I kicked Cancer
  50. I kicked cancer’s ass
  51. I killed cancer
  52. I Love a cancer fighter
  53. I make bald look good
  54. I pay my oncologist big bucks for this hair style
  55. I radiate!
  56. I wear pink for my (mom, daughter, aunt, grandma, sister)
  57. I WILL win
  58. I’m a lymphomaniac!
  59. I’m alive
  60. I’m handicapped, not helpless
  61. I’m having a No Hair day!
  62. I’m just here to avoid working
  63. I’m more than a statistic
  64. I’m not dead yet!
  65. I’m on chemo – my dad’s just bald
  66. I’ve got a brain tumor – so what’s your excuse?
  67. I’ve got glow power
  68. If I have one more MRI I’ll stick to the refrigerator!
  69. If I were a dog, I’d be put to sleep by now
  70. If I’d know how much work it would be, I would never have
    gotten cancer
  71. Instant survivor – just add chemo
  72. It came, I fought, I conquered
  73. It’s chemo day, so stay away!
  74. It’s good to be alive
  75. Just say NO to cancer
  76. Kiss me – I’m hot!
  77. Losing is not an option
  78. Love kills cancer
  79. My bald head is cuter than your bad haircut
  80. My cancer is rarer than your cancer
  81. My chemo nurse rocks!
  82. My mission is remission
  83. My oncologist can beat up your oncologist
  84. My sister/mother is my hero
  85. My Todo List: Get out of bed, try to stay awake, go back to
    bed, try to sleep, repeat
  86. My wife beat cancer
  87. Never never never give up
  88. No hair day
  89. Pink is in
  90. Port is not a ship direction
  91. Port-a-ble
  92. Pour it down my port
  93. Professional pin cushion
  94. Quitting is not an option
  95. Radiation makes me warm and fuzzy all over
  96. Real men wear pink
  97. Real women have fake boobs
  98. Real women have no boobs
  99. Remission accomplished
  100. Remission rocks!
  101. Save the boobies
  102. Screw breast cancer
  103. Somebody I love has cancer
  104. Speak slowly, I’ve got chemo brain
  105. Squeeze a boob – save a life!
  106. Support your local cancer patient
  107. The bald and the beautiful
  108. The chemo made me do it
  109. The few, the proud, the bald
  110. Think pink!
  111. This is what a cancer survivor looks like
  112. Warning – I have received radiation therapy
  113. Wear pink for me
  114. Yeah – no more bras!
  115. You don’t scare me, I’m fighting cancer
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